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Types of bra cups

There are many types of bra available in the market today. The different structure design may affect the wearing effect

This article will introduce to girls about the difference between cups, types of wire and thin cups depth

Girls may choose the bra types based on different body needs and different outfits or occasions

Hope that every girl can get their best fit bra types.

Full cup

Offer complete coverage for your breast

Provide good support and high centralized effect

Suitable for those with plump chest, soft breast and enjoy fully coverage

The most attractive criteria for Full cup bra is fully coverage 

¾ cups

The most common cups types

Offer equal coverage and adequate support

which offers deeper and sexier cleavage   

Suitable for flat, outspread and sagging breast

demi cups

Only cover the half of the breast, show slightly rounded breast shape

Lift your breast up. Suitable for girls with small breast

This bra types normally come with removable shoulder straps, which match perfectly with off shoulder outfits

Triangle bra

Triangle bra provide less coverage to the breast

Best for girls who focus on natural breast shape and comfortable feeling 

Normally, many triangle bras are wireless

It lack of centralized and coverage effect 

By referring to cup coverage ratio 

¾ cups, full cups and ½ cups (demi cups)

Girls may choose their best fits bra based on their preferences and breast shapes

Types of wired

Nowadays bra design are more diversified,  wired bra provide effective support and maintain breast shape

Wireless bra gives a calmness and comfort wearing experience for girls

Wireless bra

Wireless bras are divided into three types, which are Comfy leisure type, Functional type and Top thin bottom thick type.

Comfy leisure type lifts up natural breast shape without push up effect, show nature breast shape

Side support functional bra can effectively cover your breast

Top thin bottom thick type provides push up breast and create high-centralized effect

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W-shaped wired

W-shaped wired mostly comes with a deep-V design. The coverage of bras are small.

This bra can create a sexy look by most of your breast not coverage.

J-shaped wired

It is shorter inside and longer outside seems like alphabet “J”, provide side lifting and centralized effect, increase coverage and stability

Best for outspread, sagging breast and side bulges. Girls with Pectus Carinatum are not recommended.

L-shaped wired

The wired at right-angles seems like the alphabet “L”, solving the problem of the wired bra compressing the sternum.

Deep-V design enhance deep cleavage and side support

Gentle reminder

L-shaped wire suitable for Pectus Carinatum breast shape. However, people with serious Sternum Protrusion are recommended to wear wireless bras.

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U-shaped wire

Center and side have same height, stabilize and support the breast

Ensure no jiggling or bouncing, overall coverage effect are better than other wired bra.

Gentle reminder

Suitable for all breast shapes. Recommended for girls with big cup sizes, sagging and outspread breasts, side buiges.

Description of cup depth

The depth of bra cups is like water cup, the more you can contain for the deeper cups

However, the shallow cup means that the volume is small. Below are the cups thickness chart

Standard cups

pad thickness 10-19mm

Standard cups volume, suitable for majority breast shapes.


Shallow cups

Top thin and bottom thick 20mm up

Thick bottom lift the breast up, mostly come with thick pads design

Volume small

Deep cups

Thin cups 2-9mm

Deep cups with large volume

Thin pad, suitable for girls with plump breast

Gentle reminder

Since the bra size is influenced by the changes of body posture, we recommend you to measure your underbust and overbust again before each purchase.