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Does the fat spill over your armpit and bother you everytime? 

It may be embarrassing if your daily outfit can see your side bulges. 

This article will introduce how to get rid of side bulges

You may gradually eliminate side bulges and adjust body shape through massage and exercise

What are side bulges?

Side bulges is the fat that has accumulated around the armpit and breast. 

Side boob fat can be either congenital or acquired.

Regardless of whether girls have plump breasts or not, they may have acquired side bulges due to wearing unsuitable bra, wearing habits, obesity or posture.

What cause side bulges?

• Wearing bra size that is too small, underband that is too big, bra that does not fit your breast shape.

• Your breast not completely fill in the bra cups, which cause your breast spill out between armpit and breast

• The bra is not stable, when you move around, your breasts begin to slip out of the cups.

When wearing bra that is too large (unfit) and easy to slip (unstable), the empty space of the bra will allow the breast fat to spread around

When the bra size is too small, the chest is squeezed out of the cup because there is no extra space and the fat is gathered near to the armpit. 

How to choose the right bra?

Girls that plagued with side bulges

We recommend you to choose a side support bra.

side support bra refers to the bra structure near to the side bulges

In depic designer, it often made with non-elastic band or non-stretch summer yarn

It helps to stabilize and smooth out the side bulges

Does wearing a side support bra may help to eliminate side bulges?

The side bulges are not formed in one or two days. If you want completely get rid of side bulges,

Besides wearing a side support bra, it is also important to develop good life habits.

Always remind yourself to move your side bulges into the cup when you go to the washroom, sit properly to avoid hunchbacks and stop leaning on one side.

In addition, simple massage and stretching may help improve your posture.

Exercise everyday to make your breast appear bigger and perkier.

Breast massage 

You may massage by using the massage tool or place your knuckles and press on your breast

You can also apply essential oils or body lotion to increase the strength and pressure.

How to massage?

This article provides several ways for girls to keep their breasts beautiful.


First, you should find out the place of your lymph nodes

Put your hand on your armpit 

Massage from the bottom to upwards. Repeat 10 times for each side of the breast to stimulate an the lymph nodes


Put your hands up, push from the armpit to the clavicle. Repeat 10 times for each side of the breast.

Then push from the shoulder to downwards. Repeat 10 times for each side of the breast to improve the flow of lymph fluid which also reduces swelling.

Easy Exercises for a Beautiful Breast at Home

An easy exercise in house is helpful to reduce ur side bulges.

Learn how to do it and fix the problems in just a few quick & easy steps together!


Rotate arms forward and backward parallely for 10 times each 

Stand straight with your feet slightly apart. Raise your arms parallely 

Rotate forward 10 times, then rotate backwards 10 times


Open and close the arms (15-20 times)

Stand straight with your feet slightly apart. Stretch out your arms in front of you 

Bring your arms inwards, then bring your arms outwards. Repeat for 15-20 times


Jumping Jack (15-20 times)

Stand straight, feet together, put your arms at your side

Jump up as you spread your feet wider than your hips and lift your arms over your head. Clap your hands together over your head. (clap hand is optional)

Jump your feet back together and brings your hands back down by your side (You may also bend your knee when landing)