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How to choose the most suitable bra for uneven breast size?

Is there a gaping when wearing your favorite bra?

How to determine spillage?

This article focus on the problems women faced in their daily lives

Women are recommended in assessing their own bra fit wearing condition by using this professional bra fitting advice


There is one finger width gap between your breast and cup, the cup does not fit body perfectly, your breasts are empty at the up side of the cups from side view

There are gaping in the cups for both side of breast

Firstly, ensure that you are wearing the bra correctly and your breasts are completely in the cups

If there is still a empty space after the adjustment, this means that your cup size is too big, can consider smaller the bra size

There are gaping in the cups for one side of breast

It is very common to have different sizes on both sides of the breast, which called “uneven breast”

Choose your cup size on your largest breast, then lift the smaller breast up by using removable pads


If there is only a small empty space in the cup, you may start by tightening the bra straps, adjust to ensure the cups fully cover the breast and side bulges

Choose the side support bra, deep-V bra or bralette bra to reduce the empty space in the cup

Gaping at left side

Please refer to this article about bra wearing.

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The breast is squeezed which causes the breast spills out over the upper edge of the cup, forming an unnatural bulge and breast is not inside the cup.

Spillage in not serious condition

Four breasts instead of two i

Adjust the bra straps and back bluckles to make it loose

Spillage in serious condition 

Check the bra size and the way you wear your bra. When it cannot be improved by any adjustments, you should change to a bigger size bra (cup). 


Wearing the comfortable bra size is much more important than a good appearance

Wearing the wrong bra size to enhance deep cleavage for a long time

Could be compressing your breast and cause outspread breast or side bulges

Spillage in Right upper edge

Please refer to this article about bra wearing.

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