How to sign up as a member?

Click [LOGIN] ➤ Enter Email/Password ➤ Confirm and Submit] Then you're now and become DEPIC official member!

How do I purchase products?

Select a product ➤ add to cart ➤ sign up/login as member ➤ choose payment method ➤ fill in personal details ➤ complete order

DEPIC available products and pre-order methods

Depic Designer: Ready Stock 3-5 days delivery

DP Selection: Pre-order 2-3 weeks delivery

★ Orders will sent out after all the ordered has been accumulate.

★ Some of the products will be allocated in order according to the order establishment time.

How do I know if the package has been sent?

After the package has been sent, DEPIC will send an email to notify and provide the package number in the email.

After the order has been placed, can I cancel, change or merge the order?

To cancel the order, please contact the customer service. We will refund the payment by gift card to you.

To change / merge the order, please contact the customer service.

Product price currency

All prices shown on the website are Malaysia Ringgit (MYR) and Singapore Dollar (SGD)

Forget password?

Please click [Forgot Password] ➤ Enter e-mail ➤ Submit
The system will send an email to let you reset your password

Notes for checkout process

In order to deliver the goods to you smoothly, please fill in the complete details of the receiving address.

★If your original order address is not filled up correctly and you cannot be contacted, the package will be returned for processing.

DEPIC will notify you by E-MAIL to cancel the returned order and return the original order balance after deducting the shipping fees.

How do I track my order?

STEP 1: Create an account

STEP 2: Login to your account

STEP 3: View order history

STEP 4: Refer " Track Shipment ", you will see your " tracking number "

STEP 5: Copy the tracking number then click the "Track" button

STEP 6: Paste your tracking number in the box to check your shipment status.